Performances at Overture Center, Promenade Hall

6:00 p.m.  Kaleidoscopes
                 John Paul Alejandro

7:00 p.m.  The Sun Doesn’t Always Come Out Tomorrow  
                  Kenneth Dizon

7:30 p.m.  Romeo and Jul*et
                 Daniel Kaplan

8:30 p.m.  Ball & Chain
                 Tiffany Ike

9:45 p.m.  Music Workshop
                 Led by Daniel Kaplan & Eric Newble


This is a dance theatre work that explores the idea that difference is beauty. Often times the world makes us try to become someone else and we start to forget to just be ourselves. Come into this realm to challenge yourself and to explore what is possible in our society for the betterment of our own communities. This ensemble work features choreography and spoken word by John Paul Alejandro along with the guidance of the artistic director, Maureen Janson Heintz. 

John Paul “JP” Alejandro is a first-generation Filipino-American spoken word artist, dancer, and designer from the Bay Area of California. He is currently attending UW-Madison and pursuing a double degree in communication arts and dance. He is also part of UW’s First Wave program, which focuses on hip-hop pedagogical studies and activism here on campus. Many of John Paul’s works revolve around ideas of identity, culture, and challenging the systems that work against self-reclamation. John Paul plans to continue to explore his studies in dance which include using the body as a medium for story-telling and combining modern techniques with hip-hop styles.

The Sun Doesn't Always Come Out Tomorrow

Come watch a young, aspiring comic give it his all on his debut comedy show. Kenneth will explore many topics including depression, suicide, and interpersonal relationships. Come watch a young, aspiring comic give it all on the stage, while blissfully ignorant of the many struggles he will encounter as he tries to pursue a career in comedy. Maybe he’ll make you laugh. Maybe he’ll make you regret coming to his show. But you’ll never know unless if you come.

Kenneth Dizon is a stand-up comedian in the ninth cohort of First Wave. He plans to major in Communication Arts and Environmental Studies because those are the best majors that the university offers that would disappoint his Asian, immigrant family. Even though Kenneth wants to make a living as a stand-up comedian, his main dream in life is to become Beyoncé. If not, he could settle for one of those less relevant people in Destiny’s Child. 

Romeo and Jul*et

Romeo and Juliet is an abstraction of the ancient story of love, told through sound, space and color. The one-person show explores the nature of relationships in contemporary 21st century society, as the audience is taken through the circular process of love and loss. 

Born in Los Angeles, raised in North Carolina, Daniel Kaplan is an interdisciplinary artist in the First Wave Program at the University of Wisconsin that explores invisibility, intersectionality, and the changing nature of contemporary identity. Under the name Son!, Kaplan makes sound, space, and time to allow the audience to explore the boundaries of their own self as a means of exploring his own. As a member of the First Wave Program, he abstracts the hip-hop processes of sampling, cultural documentation, and his own narrative to create work across mediums and genres that is rooted within a hip-hop framework.

Ball & Chain

This is a story that explores the realities of our country. It speaks of blackness, masculinity, tokenism, and what it means to deal with love, goals, and relationships while also trying to stay alive or free in a society that doesn’t want you to exist. This tale is embodied through the narrative of a boy named Deandre Washington.

Tiffany Ike is an artist, athlete, and activist from Houston, TX. She currently studies Psychology and Communication Arts at UW-Madison. She is a First Wave Scholar where she continues her art as a visual and spoken word artist. She also works with The JVN project, an organization that uses hip-hop as a tool of empowerment as the Outreach & Development director. She dabbles in different art forms such as singing, photography and likes to involve herself in many activities. She also is a triple jumper  for the UW-Madison Varsity track team. Ice cream is her meal of choice, black sitcoms before 2005 give her life, and every once in awhile she relives her hoops dreams at the gym.

Music Workshop

Led by First Wave Scholars Daniel Kaplan, and Eric Newble, the Music Workshop features First wave artists from the ME en YOU Recording Intensive. Recording Intensive participants have spent the last months extensively working on individual projects with a team of musicians, producers and engineers to bring their vision to life on record and for live performance.

Music Workshop Participants include Jonathan Chang, Obasi Davis, Selin Gok, Gretchen Carvajal, Hiwot Adilow, Tehan Ketema.

Facilitated by Eric Newble, Daniel Kaplan and Nathan France