Film screenings at L160 Chazen
7:00 p.m. MasKuline
A film by Garrett Pauli
followed by a talkback session

7:30 p.m.  Baraha
A film by Gretchen Carvajal & 
Violet Jinqi Wan

MasKuline is a video project creating a mirror to reflect upon toxic masculinity/ patriarchy. This project has collaborated with the Dear Masculinity letter-writing project in an effort to illustrate that masculinity is multifaceted through story-telling and critical self-reflection. Duration (30 minutes). 

Garrett Pauli is a writer and playwright from the City of Sun; Phoenix, Arizona. As a senior in the First Wave scholarship program, Garrett is producing his 2nd one-man show for the LineBreaks Hip-Hop Festival. He specializes in creative non-fiction work which serves as a mirror of reflection for his audience. 


Baraha is a short film by Gretchen Carvajal and Violet Jinqi Wang based around how one girl's tarot card reading forces her to confront, unpack, and let go of the things she's been harboring. Duration (20 mins) 

Gretchen Carvajal is a Filipina immigrant by way of the Bay Area, CA. She is an Art Major with a focus in Printmaking who’s art is centered around the stories of her family and her people. She is a 5th year Senior in the First Wave program and continues to write, sing and perform spoken word poetry and music for audiences around the country. 

Violet Jinqi Wang is a Filmmaker and Communications Arts Major from China, her work has been seen in the Wisconsin Film Festival, UW Com Arts Department, and many other venues. Along with Baraha she is also working on another short, a 30 minute film called Traces.