Eli Lynch | Explosions, Friday, March 11 at 8PM and Sunday, March 13 at 6PM, Overture Center, Promenade Hall

FRI MAR 11 at 8PM & SUN MAR 16 at 6PM  Eli Lynch | EXPLOSIONS Overture Center, Promenade Hall

EXPLOSIONS is a story about growth, death and mental illness told through a variety of media, primarily music and poetry. It uses art to speak about and heal painful, universal and oftentimes indescribable truths. This method, using art to heal, is meant to demonstrate the ways in which we can push the boundaries of what we create and how we tell our stories. 

Eli Lynch is an artist originating from Denver, CO, who specializes in the writing of words. His work is dense and philosophical. By way of several mediums, he aims to mix whit and wisdom in order to instigate complicated conversations and compelling creations. He appreciates alliteration. He enjoys being a mentor and teacher of young people. Although an artist by trade, his deepest passions are sarcasm and writing short bios. One.