FRI MAR 11 at 7PM & 

SAT MAR 12 at 3:30PM  First Wave 9th Cohort Production | UNHE[A]RD RADICAL FORMS OF PROTEST Overture Center, Promenade Hall

UNHE[A]RD is a multi-faceted production that displays and discusses forms of protest, specifically those that deviate from the herd mentality older generations expect from the activists of our generation. We explore our existence in terms of the ways we challenge systems and ideas that seek to oppress us, focusing on nontraditional and radical acts of protest.

Members of First Wave's 9th Cohort: Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II, Jamie Dawson, Kenneth Dizon, Selin Gok, Nora Laine Herzog, Janae Hu, 

Kennedie King, Synovia Knox, Mar'Quaan Logan, Maryam Muhammad, Lucien Parker, Kynala Phillips, Eneale Pickett, Francisco Velazquez